Video Swim Clinic: Triathletes

Biomechanic and Metric Analysis for Mindful and Successful Training

What to Expect:
Video captured test set to identify where efficiency and propulsion weaknesses are and, moreover, when they occur. Expert coaches will provide comprehensive video feedback, metrics measurement, and a path to improvement.

This clinic is designed for athletes who possess a working knowledge of the freestyle mechanics and are comfortable swimming continuous laps for at least :15 minutes. For new swimmers and/or athletes struggling to put laps together, private coaching is more suitable.

2.5 hrs. (Sessions meet on Saturdays 2:30 – 5 PM)

Maximum Participants Per Session:


Equipment Required:
Stability Snorkel. Brand unimportant, but not a scuba snorkel! (available onsite for purchase with nose clip $40)

Athletes Receive:
Video of Test Set Analyzed
Customized practice template for continuous improvement!

Saturday Dates | 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM