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Freestyle for Triathletes
Video Swim Clinic

Sunday, Dec. 4 & Sunday, Dec. 11
4 PM – 6 PM @ Severna Park Racquetball Club

How can video feedback help you?
Seeing ourselves on video challenges our awareness of how we move
through the water. It helps us to identify areas to improve stroke
mechanics for increased efficiency and performance outcomes!
Coaches will capture 3 angles: underwater, front facing, and overtop.

How will you make meaningful changes?
You will receive video tutorials specific to your areas of improvement
to incorporate into practices. Time spent consciously developing
mind/muscle/balance connections will return dividends in speed and
enjoyment in the water!

What is the format you can expect?
3: 45 Arrival and taping lineup established.
4 – 4:30 Filming.
4:30 – 4:45. Test Set: Data Collection
4:45 – 5:15 Video Review
5:15 – 6. In Water Skills

Investment & Clinic Size?
Registration is limited to (6) participants on each day. $149 includes
filming, analysis, video library curated to your improvement, and (3)
self paced sample practices

Crossing Currents Aquatics enters its 9th season hosting safety supported open water training and events near Annapolis, MD. Situated on the South River, the private community beach of Sylvan Shores makes open water swimming accessible in a safe and serene environment. CCA head coach and English Channel swimmer, Traci McNeil, leads a team of certified lifeguards and professional support staff to help you reach your personal goals! Whatever your age, swim experience or scope of your goal, we want to be part of your swimming journey!


Open Water Skills Clinic

Sunday 8 – 9 AM is a coached clinic offering beginner friendly acclimation to the open water environment. Clinic registration includes entry into the open swim course that follows afterwards (9:30 – 11 AM). Participants will be immersed in the nuances of translating pool readiness to the open water. All participants should possess basic survival skills to include a backfloat and treading water skills. Private coaching is available for those not meeting safety criteria. This is also an appropriate clinic for advanced athletes to mentor the newbies and to receive expert feedback on their stroke mechanics. 

Clinic Fee with a Crossing Currents waist belt buoy included ($99) 

Clinic Fee with your own buoy ($75)

Dates: May 1, May 15, June 12, June 26, July 10, July 24

Sunday Open Swim

Sundays 9:30 – 11 AM  (check in 9 – 9:15 AM)

Shallow end only, 100M, 400M, and 800M buoy marked courses are supported by Red Cross Certified Lifeguards on small crafts.  Participants may elect to swim any combination of distances for the time of their choosing. All participants are required to wear a waist belt buoy for visibility and safety. CCA offers them for sale onsite ($30). Registration Fee ($30) includes light refreshments post-swim.

Friday Early Birds

Starts when water temp over 65 degrees.  6 – 7 AM (meet at beach).

Intermediate to Advanced Group.  This is a 500 meter safety supported course without buoy markers. Participants need be able to swim continuously for 1 hour. Speed is unimportant. This is not an appropriate venue for a beginner. This group DOES NOT access the clubhouse for restrooms or changing..  We are a no-nonsense, start promptly at 6 AM, get- it- done group!  Buoy required.

Age-Group (YOUTH) Open Water Clinic &
optional 1/2 or Full Mile Fun Race!

Dates: May 22, June 19, July 17

On select (3) Sundays from 12 – 2 PM, we will host youth specific clinics! This is a forum for ages 9 & over to get open water swim exposure and to practice the skills required to be comfortable and confident! Coach Chris Swensen from the Naval Academy Aquatic Club and Crossing Currents Coach Traci McNeil join forces to present the In’s & Out’s of being skillful in the open water. Each clinic finishes with optional swim distances of either a ½ or full mile for competitive fun!

Participants may choose 1 ($40), 2 ($75), or all 3 ($100) clinics

Waist belt buoys are required and available for purchase ($30)

Long Distance Support Paddler

We are certified professionals with an assorted fleet of vessels to accommodate your training vision! You and your besties (of similar speed) want to customize an adventure? Contact us. Are you looking down the calendar at a long distance swim you want to log safety supported miles for? Contact us. We want to help!

Private & Small Group Coaching

Contact Crossing Currents to customize a training plan that meets the needs of you or your group.

Logistics for Training Events

Unless communicated otherwise, all events hosted follow the same logistics format.  Check-in occurs at the Sylvan Shores Clubhouse and parking at either the clubhouse or the overflow ballfield lot. Upon clubhouse check in, participants navigate on foot to the boat launch/beach area. Please contact us if you require special assistance. There is to be no parking on the street for any reason. We are guests in the community and considering our impact needs to be paramount.


Parking is situated atop the ruins of the basketball court adjacent to the ballfield. Be sure to park beyond the boat trailer storage section allowing ample room for their owners to access if needed.

The Sylvan Shores Community Clubhouse

Clubhouse offers bathroom access & limited parking. Personal belongings should remain with participants or locked in vehicles.


The beach is a monitored area during our events for personal belongings. It is not permitted for non-registered supporters to access the water.