Swim & Paddle For the South River – May 30, 2021


Swim & Paddle the South River is a non-competitive 5-mile course designed for participants to complete solo or with teammates. Swim relay pods take turns swimming and paddling on a SUP (relax, you can sit on paddleboards, too) or swimming with a buddy and a dedicated paddler the entire time! Solo swimmers can bring a dedicated support paddler or be paired with one! If swimming isn’t your thing, enjoy the shores of the South River from your own small craft or provided one.

Our mission is to celebrate the South River and the recreation and community it provides. This event donates over 50% of proceeds to the Arundel Rivers Federation towards the work they do to protect, preserve, and advocate for the health of the South River!

Tis the season to maintain strict distancing protocols. Another reason to love the great outdoors is that we can come together while maintaining safe distances and enacting mindful protocols! This is a warm and welcoming environment for everyone. Join us for the 4th or 1st time this May 30, 2021!



Contact Us to learn more about how you can get your family, community, or local business involved!


All Solo Swimmers are required to have a dedicated small craft assist. Participants may provide their own paddler or be paired with qualified support. Wetsuits, pull buoys, fins, paddles, snorkels, tempo trainers, rotation belts, are all welcome. 🙂

Participant Fees:
$200 – solo swim (up to 3 solo participants may swim as a pod with a dedicated paddler)
$300 – 2 person swim relay (participants take turns on a paddleboard)
$450 – 3 person swim relay (participants take turns on a paddleboard)
$100 – Paddle Participant

Additional Fees:
$30 Boat rental
$80 for a qualified support paddler (for solo and pods of solo swimmers without one).

This is intended to be fun! Relays: mix it up as you like either by time or distance. Everyone must wear a waist belt buoy (provided for those not toting their own). Swim Start Time is 7AM. Check-in begins 6AM. More details will post as the clock starts ticking down!

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