Sunday, May 26th

Swim the South River is a 5 mile swim course designed for athletes to complete solo or with a partner! Pairs take turns swimming and paddling while solo swimmers enjoy the river with their own paddle assist. The mission of the event is to promote open water swimming and to support the preservation efforts of the Arundel Rivers Federation (formerly known as the South River Federation).  We are a gathering of novice and accomplished swimmers swimming without the allure of podiums or course records, but for the Joys of the wild, open water experience!

Are you interested in helping? WONDERFUL! We need your help! From supporting swimmers by paddling to helping direct traffic and setting up hospitality, there is a role for you to play!  

2018 Results

May, 27th 2018

Three Mile Solo Swimmers:  Crystal Pringle, Shauna Gold

Five Mile Relay Swimmers: Katie Bacon, Donna Jurney, Liz Stadler, Julie Diblasi, Joseph Infantino, Lauren Wagner, James Wagner, Chris Stevens, Marjorie Campbell, Melissa Burroughs
Five Mile Solo Swimmers:  Lisa Anderson, John Avallone, Bruce Breon, Sharyn Collinson, Matt Durante, Gina Gil, Cory Griffeth, Rob Hurd, Annette Holmgren,m Melanie Kaplan, Patti Kuhlman, Paula Kuruc, Veronica LeBlanc, Ozlen Luznar, Michele Walthers, Traci McNeil, Aileen Roder, Maureen Rohrs, Catherine Wallace.

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